DIY Terrariums.. Easy! Beautiful! Stylish!

Making a DIY terrarium is a stylish and trendy garden project that is easy. Here is a simple tutorial on making and maintaining a terrarium garden in your home! Supplies: Glass container with open top Activated charcoal chips (in bags in the indoor potting mix department) Potting Soil Plants Sheet moss or decorative stones Planting tool (I like a long handled spoon) Choosing Plants to Fit the Container (Or vice-versa!) First, choose your plants for the terrarium. Most plants can adapt to terrarium living, but keep in mind the plants water needs. Plants that need less moisture such as cacti, sedums and succulents need a very open container, so that the moisture has a chance to escape. Tropical houseplants, or my fav, a variety of mosses love moisture, so the container can have more narrow opening, as they will thrive on the humidity. Choose small specimens that will fit easily in your container, and don’t overcrowd. You want to leave a little space between plants. Start your Terrarium Start building your terrarium by adding a 1-2 inch layer of charcoal chips on the bottom. Now add your potting soil on top of the chips, packing gently as you go. Fill the container one third full. Pack down gently with your planting tool. Add Plants Now add your plants on top of the soil. Use your planting tool to add soil around the plant roots and gently pack down until the roots are covered. Add Decorative Stones or Moss Add small pieces of sheet moss between the plants, and/or decorative gravel or stones. Water until you see moisture at the bottom of the container.Care of Your Terrarium

You can water your terrarium with a container with a spout, or you can use a mister for moisture loving plants. Be sure to water only as often as needed. If you use plants that prefer dried conditions, make sure the soil dries out between watering. Use scissors to prune plants as necessary. Place in a bright spot, but never where the terrarium gets direct sun.